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Unleash Retail Success: Odoo ERP and Odoo Ethiopia Empower Lewis Retails

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Company Name: Lewis Retails
Country: Ethiopia
Industry: Retail
Main Apps: Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Sales, Invoicing, CRM, Ecommerce, POS
Number of Odoo Users: 100
Odoo Implementing Partner: ETTA Solutions

            For years, Bambis Super Market has been a prominent and beloved fixture in Addis Ababa, serving both local and international customers with their diverse needs. This highly-acclaimed market is renowned for its unwavering dedication to quality and certified products, and its prime location in the heart of the city only adds to its appeal. Recently, in 2020, Bambis entered a new era when it was acquired by the prestigious Belayab Group. As part of the Belayab Group's impressive portfolio, which includes well-known names like Belayab Foods (Pizza Hut, Burger King) and Belayab Motors (Kia), Bambis has set its sights on further growth and success. To support this vision, the decision was made to implement Odoo ERP, a game-changing move that seeks to address operational challenges, enhance efficiency, and unlock exciting new opportunities.

Addressing Pain Points and Implementing Odoo

            Bambis Super Market encountered numerous obstacles in their operations prior to implementing Odoo ERP. The use of separate systems resulted in fragmented data and hindered collaboration, significantly impacting the accuracy of reports. Managing inventory across multiple locations proved to be a complicated task, lacking proper control and visibility. Integration issues between departments led to manual data entry, causing errors and delays. Without a comprehensive reporting and analytics tool, obtaining valuable insights for effective decision-making was a challenge.

        Bambis Super Market tackled their business challenges head-on by adopting Odoo ERP. This involved a comprehensive implementation process that focused on centralizing data, streamlining inventory management, and seamlessly integrating systems. By utilizing Odoo's powerful reporting and analytics features, Bambis was able to improve processes, boost efficiency, and drive growth - all by consolidating their operations onto a single, powerful platform.  

Business Impact and ROI

             The implementation of Odoo ERP at Bambis Super Market has resulted in significant business impact and a notable return on investment (ROI). Let's explore the key outcomes:

Enhanced Efficiency:
            By streamlining processes and automating tasks, Odoo ERP has significantly improved operational efficiency throughout Bambis Super Market. Manual efforts have been reduced, resulting in increased productivity and smoother day-to-day operations.

Improved Inventory Management:    
            With real-time visibility into stock levels and automated replenishment, Bambis has experienced a marked improvement in inventory management. Stockouts have been minimized, stock levels optimized, and carrying costs reduced. This has positively impacted cash flow and ensured better control over inventory.

Integrated Operations:
            The seamless integration facilitated by Odoo ERP has brought various departments together, enabling smoother collaboration and data sharing. This integration has eliminated the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and delays. As a result, cross-functional processes have become more efficient and streamlined.

Enhanced Customer Experience:
            Leveraging Odoo's CRM capabilities, Bambis Super Market has been able to personalize customer interactions, implement loyalty programs, and deliver superior customer service. This has led to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, contributing to overall business growth.

    The success of implementing Odoo ERP can be seen in the impressive return on investment achieved by Bambis Super Market. Not only has it optimized their processes, inventory management, and customer experiences, but it has also resulted in increased revenue, lowered costs, and improved overall profitability. Thanks to Odoo's powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, Bambis is now able to make informed decisions based on data, further amplifying their ROI.


                With the integration of Odoo ERP, Bambis Super Market has experienced tremendous business success and reaped high returns on their investment. By streamlining operations, optimizing inventory management, and elevating customer experiences, Bambis has established a solid foundation for sustained growth and prosperity within the cut-throat retail sector. The implementation of Odoo ERP at Bambis Super Market serves as a testament to the immense transformative power of advanced technology in propelling operational excellence and unlocking limitless potential for enterprises.